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Cawdor Clay Pigeon Club is situated on Cawdor rifle range. We are the only club in the area that can offer four different disciplines of clay shooting. Shoots include Down The Line, National Skeet, National Sporting and Compac Sporting.

The Sporting layout is 10 Springing Teal; 10 High Pheasant; 10 Driven Grouse; 10 Crossing Woodcock and 10 Settling Pigeons.

We are very safety conscious and have over 20 active safety officers as members, there will always be at least one present at each shoot, for a brief safety notification click here

It is club policy to use fibre wads only, cartridges will only be available for sale at the clubhouse on shoot days.

The club has a 20 bore & 12 bore for non members to use we also have a .410 for the smaller juniors who want to try clay shooting: to a gun is available on shoot days please contact the secretary on to arrange.

Full risk assesments for each of the disciplines can be available on request, and are displayed in the Clubhouse on the notice board.

For more information and contact details for the club secretary email the Secretary at


We are affiliated to The Scottish Clay Target Association.


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